Bad News

“Bad news is like milk.  It is best delivered fresh.”  – Bickford Shaw

Many of us have great opportunities when it comes to delivering messages which we perceive will not be well received.  That is true whether we are positively minded or not.

Deep sighs from me, as for years I struggled to find the courage to speak my emotional truths in a timely manner; whether with employees, in relationships, with children and more.

I prefer to be positive and find it incredibly difficult to deliver what I perceive to be bad news to anyone.

My ego gets in the way.  What is my bad news may be for that person’s highest and best good.

Yes, look through their eyes before you speak your truths.  Find their perspectives before launching your truths.

At the very least you will have compassion for them when you have the truth talk with them.

Peace.  Honor.  Love.  Grace.  Gentleness.  Truth.

Let those words be your inner strengths when you open yourself to speak your truths.

Once you have centered yourself with those traits, then deliver your messages quickly.

When you deliver the message that way, know you have done the best you could.

Should someone react adversely to your message, just kindly speak to them and let them know that you have delivered your truth, whatever it is.

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