Love is the Answer!

“Be a sweet melody in the great orchestration, instead of a discordant note. The medicine this world needs is love. Hatred must be replaced by love, and fear by faith that love will prevail.” – Peace Pilgrim

Beginning right now, please join me for a self-look in the mirror. How many people could I have made a difference to today had I merely been less self-centered and more kind with my thoughts and words? How many abused children and others less fortunate in life could I have impacted by giving them something – if only a prayer or a desire to help?

As we look in the mirror at ourselves, recognize that each of us has a choice. We may continue serving our own egos as our master, or we can decide that where our ego has brought us to date just doesn’t satisfy that soul hunger burning inside us.

Today, please do as I have done and open up your heart to feel what others feel. Yes, it’s risky as it requires us to become more vulnerable, but it is truly worth the risk.

A smile, a kind word or a simple loving gesture to a child, adolescent or adult who hungers for help can make an enormous difference, whether or not we personally know the recipients.

After all, LOVE is the answer and with it, everything good grows.

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