“The deep inner work that you have done is not often produced and shared by someone of your academic and intellectual status, in addition the amount of giving back to community you have done is rare.”

Charlene MayfieldLicensed Professional Counselor and Ballroom Dance Instructor

“Jackson Hanks is a strong leader, an inspiring speaker, and a powerful motivator. Whether talking with him one-on-one or listening to him present to large groups, I have found him to be both humorous and engaging, while at times emotionally compelling. He not only inspires people to change for the better, but also empowers them with the tools and knowledge of how to do just that. I highly recommend Jackson Hanks as a speaker for your next group function.”

Denver, CO Area Entreprenaur

“Jackson Hanks is the most courageous man I have ever worked with. He has explored a childhood of horrific abuse and offers hope and healing to others.”

Sara HaysLCSW TX

“I had a major (huge!) breakthrough during one section of the book. Not to mention the little epiphanies throughout which are just as important! This book was very relatable for me and therefore, will no doubt help others. I could go on!”

Janet Franeckiproofreader

“I enjoyed our relationship so much when I was the Texas Department of Transportation’s District Engineer in Tyler, Texas, and appreciated Jackson’s help in the Transportation Program. He was an outstanding recipient of the Texas Road Hand award.”

Bobby EvansP.E.

“This is a very powerful – and a bit frightening – account of the effect that child abuse can have on the entire life of a person, even deep into adulthood. Jackson has done a sterling job of recording his deep inquiry of recovery from a totally traumatic childhood of physical, verbal, emotional, ritual, sexual, and psychological abuse.

Recovery has been a long, hard road for him – and he shares his journey with honesty, and compassion for others, like him, who are also on the path.

While his story is sometimes horrific, he concludes with bright rays of light that can help others, and I commend him for not yielding to the darkness he describes.”

Bill Worth - Editor, and author of the novels:House of the Sun: A Metaphysical Novel of Maui
The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ: A Memoir
Outwitting Multiple Sclerosis: How Forgiveness Helped Me Heal My Brain by Changing My Mind.

“Jackson’s book is transparent and deeply moving. It is filled with encouragement, motivation, and sprinkled with humor. I’d say a must read for anyone who has been abused or traumatized.

As a mental health professional, working with victims of sexual, physical and emotional trauma, I found the book to show amazing strength through a journey many people would never share for fear of disbelief, rejection or sheer avoidance of buried memories.

This book is written from the heart and one you will want to re-read many times.”

Charlene McCauleyMayfield M.A., LPC

“Jackson, congratulations on the release of your book! Few people will truly realize the journey this has been for you. I am always amazed at the strength and tenacity you bring into the work you do, but especially working through the process of writing your book. You have been courageous in finding your ‘truth,’ and even more so in sharing it with others. There will be many people that find a piece of themselves between the pages of your painful experiences. Additionally, there will be many that will see that there is a path to finding their way into a better place in their own life. I have a great deal of respect for the work you have done.”

Judy Goodman